People judge one another based on their education and career choices. Thus it seems fitting that I begin to describe myself under these dimensions of association. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with dual bachelors degrees and multiple honors; highest GPA in Computer Information Systems (CIS), National Honors Society - Gamma Beta Phi, and Institutional Honors Society - Psi Tau Omega. I hold three major degrees; CIS (BA), Human Services (BA) coupled with a minor in psychology, and Computer Systems Specialist (AS). While earning my dual bachelors I worked full time within various fields. These positions range from a construction worker to a lab technician (chemist). I have work experience, degrees, certificates, and education in; security, network engineering, database architecture and development (AD), application AD, webpage/server AD, and other areas of CIS. Currently I am working as a Sr. Consultant specializing in the pharmaceutical industry for a privately held firm.

I believe that with a positive outlook, anything can be accomplished. As far back as high school I remember a teacher telling a class, "no matter how bad you have it; someone else has it worse and is doing better". This is a true statement that I have adopted into lifestyle of "no matter where you are, you're there". It's not only enough to ensure your own happiness and wellbeing but the wellbeing of those around you. This is why I participate in community projects and donated time to the positive development of children.
Seth Dailey
Challenges in life come without question; but, how you handle these challenges defines who you are. As you challenge yourself physically and mentally you are preparing yourself for whatever happens in life. This is why I like to challenge myself as much as possible to grow as an individual. This form of self growth and expansion can be understood not only by my various positions held but also through my various hobbies. My hobbies vary from chemistry, rock climbing, wilderness survival, astronomy, computers (shocked?), physics, and more. My favorite pastime is that I love to travel.

Physical accomplishments are the most primal yet have the potential of being the most rewarding. In addition to rock climbing I enjoy fencing, archery, backpacking (hiking), paintball, and spelunking. I have also worked hard in obtaining my American Archer. The American Archer is one of the highest awards given in archery. In addition to my physical achievements I carry intellectual achievements as well; as stated above. I like to challenge myself intellectually by playing chess, solving puzzles, and word problems. Along with computers, I educate myself in nature and sciences in subjects ranging from anthropology to physics and more. I enjoy learning about mainstream religions and theologies primarily focusing on their similarities as well as comparing and reviewing available research materials. It's very interesting when you take the time to analyze the various religions to see how each one has evolved and how the sociology of the culture formed around them.

By challenging myself in these ways and accomplishing what I have, there isn't anything I feel is impossible. Everyone has experienced highs and lows, wins and losses but I have never failed. I may not always win, but the knowledge and experience of an event has given me insight into myself and the world that surrounds me. The time we spend is only as valuable as we make it.